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Amarex, Amarex KRT

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DN (Size)

1.5 - 30 in.

40 - 700 mm

Q (Flow)

up to 37,400 GPM

up to 2,360 l/s

H (Head)

up to 312 ft.

up to 95 m

p (Pressure)

up to 145 psi

up to 10 bar

t (Temperature)

up to 140 F

up to 60 C

n (Speed)

up to 3,600 RPM

up to 3,000 RPM

P (Motor Rating)

up to 450 HP

up to 336 kW

Submersible motor pumps for handling municipal and industrial waste water. Monobloc units for wet installation in stationary and transportable design, with free-flow, single-vane or non-clogging impeller / cutter. Explosion protection to EURO standard; industrial materials available.


Description of a KRTE 80 (Single Vane Impeller Submersible Motor Pump)

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  1. Cable entry protected against damage during transit, power supply and control connections are combined in one cable.

  2. Cable entry absolutely water-tight thanks to multiple sealing arrangement:

    1. Gland with nitril rubber seal ring.

    2. Outside cable surrounded by resin.

    3. Conductors imbedded in cast resin.

    4. Bare strands also imbedded in resin.

    5. In the event of damage to the cable and the core insulation, it is impossible for moisture to enter the motor chamber along the strands due to capillary action.

  3. Dry, squirrel cage motor class F insulation explosion-proof possible in accordance with FM. High permissible switching frequency allows flow regulation by means of interval switching.

  4. Thermal motor protection Temperature probes prevent overheating of the motor winding. Explosion-proof motors have 2 independent safety circuits.

  5. Dry running protection absolutely safe lubrication of the tandem-arranged mechanical seals from the intermediate oil chamber, thus eliminating failure in case of dry running.

  6. Tungsten carbide mechanical seal oil-lubricated, for long service life.

  7. Newly developed single-vane impeller with efficiencies up to 72 %, free passage: up to 3 inches.

  8. Free-flow impeller with new, improved hydraulics free passage 3.15 inches.

  9. Maintenance-free, permanently grease lubricated antifriction bearings.

  10. Shaft protected from pumped media by shaft sleeve therefore application of unalloyed carbon steel with excellent strength properties possible.

  11. Unmachined, wear-resistant casting skin of the hydraulic parts special material “NORIHARD” for highly abrasive liquids, “NORIDUR” for corrosive and “NORILOY” for abrasive and corrosive media.

  12. Suspension device with double guide cable for all installation depths are available.

  13. Profile gasket insures flexible, pressure tight automatic connection between pump and duckfoot bend.

  14. For permanent wet pit installation.

KRTB for Dry-Well Installations

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